Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Through you can recharge (or also called “top-up” or “credit”) your own prepaid mobile phone or someone else’mobile phone (relatives, friends, etc) internationally.

Do I have to create a user account?

No, allows you to recharge any mobile phone without creating a user account. The process is thus very simple and fast!

What is a recharge?

It is an online service which allows you to send credit (also called “airtime”) to any mobile phone in the world through an economic, fast, easy and secure way.

How can I know if there are promotions or offers for the service?

You can find these out on our social networks and at our website.

How can I recharge an international number?

1.- You should only go to our website
2.- Select the destination country of the recharge you want to send.
3.- Select the Mobile Operator.
4.- Choose the amount to top up, enter a phone number and accept the terms and conditions.
5.- Validate the information.
6.- Proceed to payment
7.- And that’s it!

Is there an expiration date for the top-up I send? does not set an expiration date for recharges which are sent, and the local Mobile phone operators do not usually set any deadlines either. However, we recommend reviewing this information with your/the local Mobile phone provider you want to send the transaction to.

How long does a recharge take to arrive?

The recharge is normally received immediately, within seconds, once a successful purchase is made. However, on rare occasions, if the Mobile Phone operator of the prepaid number you selected to recharge is experiencing some delays with their platforms, then the recharge may take a little longer. Please note that the Mobile Operator will not always send a text message to the recipient to notify that the recharge has been made, and you may find it out by calling the Operator to check if the recharge has been successfully applied to the prepaid balance. In any case, you can always inform us after 24 hours so that we can also contact the Mobile Operator for you.

How do I know if the recharge or transaction was carried out?

Once you make the payment you will see a proof/ticket of the transaction on your screen, and shortly after, the number to which you made the recharge to should receive a notification that the recharge has been applied to its prepaid balance.

What to do if a recharge/top-up does not arrive?

Wait a few minutes as the Mobile Operator processing the transaction may have a congestion at this time. If the recharge still has not been received after 10minutes, you may contact the Mobile Phone Operator customer care mentioned on the transaction ticket.

You can also go to the Contact option and then please fill in the requested information. Briefly write down your query or issue encountered. Do not forget to mention the phone number which you recharged/topped-up, as this will speed up the resolution of the issue. Our customer care team will then contact you as soon as possible.

What is Nauta?

Nauta is the Internet provider in Cuba which offers Wi-Fi access in hotspots throughout the island.

How can I recharge Nauta?

1.- You must go to our website
2.- Choose Cuba as the destination country.
3.- Enter the amount to recharge and the Nauta email account.
4.- Validate the information.
5.- Proceed to payment
6.- And that’s it!

Are there transaction processing fees?

No, there are no processing charges or fees applied at our website.

Are there additional charges being applied to the transaction?

There may be some additional charges for a few specific Operators, however, these charges will always be fully visible and transparent when selecting the product and the value to send, before confirming the transaction.

What are local taxes?

Local taxes are taxes determined and collected by an entity or authority such as a state, country, municipality or local operator in the destination country of the recharge being sent to in this case.

Local taxes are different according to the destination country and they are not under the control of

Can you recharge any mobile phone number?

Yes, as long as it is a "prepaid" number. First of all, you must verify that the mobile phone you want to recharge accepts prepaid recharges. Then make sure to select the right Mobile operator and to type the correct phone number.

What happens if I recharged a wrong mobile number?

Unfortunately we cannot recover any recharge/top-up which has been sent to a wrong mobile number or operator.

These transactions are considered complete as soon as the purchase has been made, and we cannot recover or refund them because the successful online payment leads to the immediate availability of the credit sent on the balance of the recharged mobile phone. Please always check very carefully the mobile phone number that you enter before making the transaction.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments from any type of credit and debit card, either Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

Am I charged before recharging/topping-up a phone number?

No, first we make sure that the Mobile provider verifies your recharge/top-up and then the payment is made.

Is the payment method secure/safe? is protected against any phishing fraudulent activities through an SSL certificate issued by trusted worldwide entities (ex. Godaddy, Verisign, etc). Our entire webpages are thus completely safe. When a payment is made, the transaction is processed through virtual pos, and through their respective worldwide security standards. These processes ensure to keep our webpages and transaction process safe of any attacks, fraudulent credit card usurpations, or stolen identities.

What can I do if I can't see the receipt?

In case the proof of your purchase is not reflected on your screen (or sent via email if you have chosen the email option) once the transaction has been made, please contact us at our contact email (see Contact Us section).

Is it safe to use my credit card on this website? is totally safe for online transactions. We use reliable security measures which enable to keep both the personal information provided during the navigation and during the purchasing process always safe. The information will never be disclosed to third parties.

Can I request a refund of my money?

If the transaction was successfully processed and the balance/credit received on the mobile phone you indicated, then we cannot unfortunately refund any amount.
For this reason, please always check carefully the mobile phone number which you enter before making the transaction. Please review our "Terms and Conditions" section anyway and contact us by email or via our online chat support for any questions you may have.

Why was my payment declined?

A payment can be declined for several reasons, the most common are:

  • Insufficient funds.
  • Incorrect card information.
  • Card expired or canceled.
  • The inability to make online payments using that card.

  • There are extraordinary cases and it is possible that there is a technical problem error, therefore we recommend that you try again later. If your payment is still not processed, then please call your bank for more information or contact us.

    Can I make the payment by wire transfer?

    Unfortunately no, but we accept most credit and debit cards.

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